The MPC’s team includes a multi-disciplinary group of academic researchers and administrative staff. Our ‘MPC Associates’ are based within the wider EUI or at other research institutions.

Academic Staff

Luigi Achilli

Part-Time Assistant Professor

Nikolaj Broberg

Research Associate

Tel. +39 055 468 5328

Leiza Brumat

Visiting Fellow

Tel. +39 055 4685 547

Fields of interest: migration policies and policymaking, free movement of persons, regional integration, regionalism. Geographic areas: South America, North America, Europe.

Sergio Carrera

Visiting Fellow

Fields of interest: Migration, Asylum, Schengen, Citizenship and Integration laws and policies in the European Union

James Dennison

Part-time Professor

Tel. +39 055 4685 885

Fields of interest: Public attitudes, social scientific methods, political behaviour

Lenka Dražanová

Research Fellow

Tel. +39 055 4685 707

Fields of interest: public opinion and attitudes, attitudes formation, comparative political behaviour and quantitative methods

Andrew Geddes

Professor and Director of the MPC

Tel. +39 055 4685 785

Fields of interest: Migration policy and politics, regional migration governance, global migration governance

Leila Hadj Abdou

Part-Time Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: international migration governance, immigrant integration and immigration/asylum policies, populist radical right, social movements

Federica Infantino

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Mauro Lanati

Visiting Fellow

Fields of interest: Determinants of Migration, Foreign Aid, International Trade

Mehari Taddele Maru

Part-time Professor

Fields of interest: migration and human rights, peace and security, law and governance

Ettore Recchi

Visiting Fellow

Fields of interest: mobilities, migration, transnationalism, Europe

Martin Ruhs

Professor and Deputy Director of the MPC

Tel. +39 055 4685 847

Fields of interest: Economics and politics of international migration

Yolanda Vázquez

Visiting Fellow

MPC Associates

Emanuel Deutschmann

MPC Associate

Tel. +39 055 4685 538

Fields of interest: social networks, transnational mobility and communication, regional integration, globalization, migration, social stratification

Elias Dinas

MPC Associate

Lorenzo Gabrielli

MPC Associate

Rezart Hoxhaj

MPC Associate

Linda Oucho

MPC Associate

Alessandra Venturini

MPC Associate

Tel. +39 055 4685 733

Fields of interest: Economics, effect of migration in destination and in the sending countries

Alina Vrânceanu

MPC Associate

Fields of interest: Public opinion, political behaviour, political representation, comparative politics, quantitative research methods

Carolina V. Zuccotti

MPC Associate

Tel. +39 055 4685 848

Fields of interest: Social Inequality and Social Stratification; Migration and Ethnicity; Urban Sociology

Administrative Staff

Annalisa Baldassarri

Administrative Assistant

Valentina Bettin

Administrative Assistant

Claudio Mazzetti

Executive MPC Manager

Tel. +39 055 4685 884

Technology Unit

Andrius Romaška

Academic Assistant

Former Professors, Research Associates and Fellows