10th Migration Summer School
Framing Migration Differently: From Implicit Problem to Implied Asset

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This event is co-funded by the EU



International migration has become an all-important issue for the world as a whole, and for the European Union and its neighbourhood in particular.

Participants of the 10th Migration Summer School will be encouraged to critically interrogate some of the subtle assumptions underlying much contemporary academic, political and media debate surrounding migration, namely that migration is a fundamental problem that needs to be managed, contained and disciplined. The abstract figure of the Ā“migrantĀ“ is thus often transformed into an object of migrant discourse and academic study, rather than a subject with very diverse migration trajectories and histories.

Re-framing how we view and speak about migration can shift the discourse of migration from purely security and integration concerns, to start thinking about migration a creative asset giving migrant-receiving countries a fundamental competitive edge over non-migrant receiving countries, and migrant-sending countries openness to the global world. This re-framing will take place from a number of different disciplinary perspectives, including law, economics, demography and sociology. While each discipline approaches the study of migration differently, we will see how these approaches are ultimately complementary and necessary for a comprehensive academic understanding of this complex phenomenon.

Teaching will be accompanied by research work and practical debates. Participants will be encouraged to translate perceived societal problems into social scientific research questions, and to contribute to the solution of these problems by combining insights from demographic, economic, legal and sociological approaches.

Details can be found in the agenda.

Date and Location

The 10th Migration Summer School will take place from Monday 23 June until Friday 4 July 2014 at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Participants are expected to arrive in Florence on Sunday 22 June and leave on Saturday 5 July.

Application Information

Successful applications to the Summer School will satisfy the following criteria:

  • A relevant Masterā€™s degree;
  • A strong professional and/or research background in international migration;
  • An excellent working knowledge (speaking and writing) of English;
  • The availability to attend the entire teaching aspect of the programme.

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as civil servants and professionals from intergovernmental and governmental agencies working in migration-related areas are encouraged to apply, especially those coming from the countries covered by the MPC and its projects. The maximum number of places on the Summer School is 30.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships


Fee + accommodation expenses

Accommodation expenses only

Fully-funded Scholarship
No fee or accommodation expenses

Amount payable by participant




Fully-funded Scholarship and fee waiver places will be available to a limited number of outstanding participants by application only (see Summer School application form).


All participants are kindly requested to organise and cover expenses for their travel to and from Florence. Local transportation during the Summer School will be provided.

How To Apply

The call for applications for the 10th Migration Summer School: Framing Migration Differently: From Implicit Problem to Implied Asset is now closed.


Friday 21 March – Applications open
Monday 21 April – Deadline for applications
By 31 May – Notification to applicants
Sunday 22 June – Summer School participants arrive in Florence
Monday 23 June – Summer School starts
Friday 4 July – Summer School ends

Participantsā€™ testimonials

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For further information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Migration Policy Centre:

Telephone: +39 055 4685 817/892

Email: mpc@eui.eu