9th International Conference on Migration and Development

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Development can be described as the search for a better life. This is also the main goal of migrants as they cross international borders to earn higher income, find a more secure and fulfilling job, provide better education opportunities for their children and protect their families from exposure to a range of risks. The close linkages between migration and development have been the focus of increased attention among academics, policymakers and analysts over the last decade. And these are the issues that the 9th Migration and Development Conference will aim to address.

The Migration Policy Centre at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) of the European University Institute (EUI), jointly with the World Bank Development Research Group (DECRG) and the French Development Agency (AFD) is organising this 9th International Conference on “Migration and Development”. The conference is devoted to investigating ways in which international migration affects economic and social change in developing countries. Among the topics are the effects of migration on poverty, inequality, and human capital formation; social networks and migration; diaspora externalities; remittances; brain drain; migration and institutional/technological change. A selection of papers from the conference will be forthcoming in a special issue of The Journal of Economic Geography.

Keynote speakers

Gianmarco Ottaviano ǀ London School of Economics
Massimo Livi Bacci ǀ University of Florence


Philippe Fargues ǀ Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI
Hillel Rapoport ǀ Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI
Alessandra Venturini ǀ Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI
Çağlar Özden ǀ World Bank
Cyrille Bellier ǀ Agence Française de Développement
Rohen D’Aiglepierre ǀ Agence Française de Développement


Rosario Maria Ballatore ǀ Bank of Italy
The Tower of Babel in the Classroom: Immigrants and Natives in Italian Schools
Toman Barsbai ǀ Kiel Institute
A Randomised Evaluation of Enhanced Pre-departure Orientation Seminars for Migrants from the Philippines to the US
Samuel Bazzi ǀ Boston University
Ethnic Diversity and Nation Building: Evidence from Population Resettlement in Indonesia
Shu Cai ǀ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Migration, Liquidity Constraints and Income Generation: Evidence from Randomised Credit Access in China
Anda David ǀ Agence Française de Développement
International Emigration and the Labour Market Outcomes of Women Staying Behind: The Case of Morocco
Giovanni Facchini ǀ University of Nottingham
Immigrant Franchise and Immigration Policy: Evidence from the Progressive Era
Francesco Fasani ǀ Queen Mary University of London
Immigrant Crime and Legal Status: Evidence from Repeated Amnesty Programmes
Marlon Seror ǀ Paris School of Economics
Internal Migration and Firm Growth: Evidence from China
Pascal Jaupart ǀ London School of Economics
One Island, Two Nations: Exposure to Haitian Immigration and Electoral Outcomes in the Dominican Republic
Ara Jo ǀ London School of Economics
The Effects of Internal Mobility on Trust
Sekou Keita ǀ CERDI | University of Auvergne
Labour Supply and Savings of Temporary Migrants: Evidence from Bilateral Real Exchange Rates Fluctuations
Anna Maria Mayda ǀ Georgetown University
Immigration Policy and Refugees in the United States
David McKenzie ǀ World Bank
The Long-Term Impact of International Migration on Economic Beliefs, Preferences, and Transnational Household Efficiency: Evidence from Lab-in-the-Field and Natural Experiments
Romuald Meango ǀ Max Planck Institute
What Makes Brain Drain More Likely? Measuring Heterogeneous Effects of Emigration Prospects on Human Capital Accumulation
Marion Mercier ǀ IRES | Université Catholique de Louvain
Diasporas and Conflict
Seyhun Orcan Sakalli ǀ University of Lausanne
Mass Refugee Inflow and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Greek Refugees in Greece
Gianluca Orefice ǀ CEPII
The Impact of Offshoring and Migration Policies on Migration Flows
Chris Parsons ǀ University of Western Australia
Migration and Development: Dissecting the Anatomy of the Mobility Transition
Sandra Rozo ǀ USC Marshall School of Business
Kicked Out to the Gangs? Crime Spillover of Deportation
Ilse Ruyssen ǀ Ghent University
Networks and Migrants’ Intended Destination
Matteo Sandi ǀ London School of Economics
Intended vs. Unintended Consequences of Migration Restriction Policies: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Indonesia
Fabio Schiantarelli ǀ Boston College
Does it Matter Where You Come From? Ancestry Composition and Economic Performance of US Countries, 1850-2010
Slesh Shrestha ǀ National University of Singapore
Sibling Rivalry, Migration and Gender Gap: Spillovers from Male Migration Prospects on Female Education, Labour and Health Outcomes
Andreas Steinmayr ǀ University of Munich
Exposure to Refugees and Voting for the Far-Right
Carlos Vargas-Silva ǀ University of Oxford
Return Migration and Economic Outcomes in the Conflict Context
Jackline Wahba ǀ University of Southampton
Upward or Downward: Occupational Mobility and Return Migration
Dafeng Xu ǀ Cornell University
Migration of Skilled Labour Driven by Cultural Assimilation: Evidence from Advanced Degree Holders from China

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Room: Sala Europa
Address: Via Boccaccio, 121, Florence 50133, Italy

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