Book Launch: The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance, 1 July 2019

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from: 16:30
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As part of its Summer School, the Migration Policy Centre will host the launch and presentation of “The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance” (Edward Elgar Publishing). The panel will be chaired by editor Andrew Geddes, Leila Hadj-Abdou and Leiza Brumat from the Migration Policy Centre.

The book analyses the dynamics of regional migration governance and accounts for why, how and with what effects states cooperate with each other in diverse forms of regional grouping on aspects of international migration, displacement and mobility. The book develops a framework for analysis of comparative regional migration governance to support a distinct and truly global approach accounting for developments in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America and the many and varying forms that regional arrangements can take in these regions.

This book provides a unique combination of scholarly research and personal experience from a group of experts and specialists in migration and integration policies, as well as media studies and public opinion. It includes contributions from researchers and public policy experts who are deeply involved in attempts to link research to policy-making in the field of migration and integration. It demonstrates the importance of going beyond the ‘research-policy nexus’ to show how the media, public opinion, and other dimensions of public debate can interact with research and policy-processes.

The launch will be followed by cocktail reception.