Effective Migration Management: Putting Policy into Action

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This Executive Training is about developing and strengthening your migration management skills. It explores the different stages of migration management from managing evidence to decision making processes to implementation.

The training combines insights of migration theory and facts, with knowledge about challenges and opportunities arising from political processes, and practical perspectives that occur at the operational level. Participants will learn to develop and apply migration management approaches from the level of policy design to implementation, taking into account operational constraints and opportunities.

This Executive Training provides officers and practitioners working in the field of migration with a holistic approach, looking at the issue of migration management from different perspectives and across different key themes in order to share knowledge and upgrade key expertise. At the end of the training participants will have developed a sophisticated understanding of the complexities, challenges and trade-offs of migration management.

Who should attend?

  • Migration officers/civil servants working on migration and asylum policy
  • Political consultants working on migration management
  • Professionals working in international organizations and NGOs focusing on migration management
  • Journalists and communication professionals who want to learn more about migration in its different aspects
  • Individuals aiming to acquire migration management skills

How you will learn?

  • Knowledge transfer sessions led by accomplished practitioners and academics
  • Mixing theoretical approaches and practical examples in three different key areas of migration management
  • Interactive training sessions focusing on the analysis of migration, migration policy and implementation dynamics
  • Policy case-assignments, working on operational assignments
  • Peer-learning setting with professionals with different backgrounds and roles in migration management

What you will gain:

  • Develop the capacity to shift perspectives in order to apply a holistic approach to migration management
  • Understand dynamics of different policy pillars, and policy stages; and to identify interlinkages between these different migration policy pillars and stages
  • Understand and to incorporate insights about dynamics of migration and migration governance into policy design and practice
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of migration policy objectives, potentials and its limitations in order to put policy into action

Course Coordinators:

Giulio Di Blasi is the Europe Director of the Refugee Hub – GRSI, he spearheads the work to engage with European States and Institutions to expand sponsorship solutions across Europe. Before joining the GRSI team, he was the Member of the Cabinet of the High Representative / Vice-President for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, responsible for migration and human rights issues. Prior he was Head of Team for the implementation of Hotspots in Italy and Greece at the Directorate General of Internal Affairs of the European Commission. He holds a M.A. in Conflict, Security and Development from the King’s College of London.
Leila Hadj Abdou is based at the European University Institute (EUI) and the University of Vienna. At the University of Vienna, she is lecturer in Austrian politics and EU. At the EUI she is part time Research Fellow, responsible for the design and the delivering of training on international migration provided by the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) within the STG. Before that she worked on a European Research Council (ERC) project based at the MPC, exploring understandings of and approaches to international migration by key governance actors in four world regions.