The ethics of migration policy dilemmas

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from: 17:00
to: 18:30

Join this webinar that will respond to the contributions published so far on the ‘Dilemmas’ project.

Dilemmas’ analyses ethical dilemmas in policy-making on migration and refugee protection. The project aims to expand the focus of existing normative research by adopting a ‘bottom-up’ approach that identifies specific policy challenges and dilemmas that migration policy-makers and civil society actors in the migration field face but that have not yet been considered by mainstream normative political theorizing. In addition to providing new research and thinking, Dilemmas aims to facilitate debates with a wide range of policy-makers and civil society actors by exploring how normative principles could guide their actions.

In 2022 the project resulted in a special issue of the journal Migration Studies and it set up a website dedicated to collecting critical responses and rejoinders on the dilemmas published in the journal. In 2023 and beyond we will publish lead articles on further dilemmas in the journal Comparative Migration Studies, which will again be debated on the project website.

For this Webinar we have invited a policy maker (Laura Corrado from the European Commission), a political scientist and chair of an independent migration committee that advises government (Joakim Palme from Uppsala University and ‘Delmi’ in Stockholm), and a political theorist (Mollie Gerver, Kings College London) to discuss the ‘dilemma’ approach and to respond to the contributions published so far.


Rainer Bauböck (RSCAS – Global Governance Programme);

Joakim Palme (Uppsala University);

Mollie Gerver (King’s College London);

Laura Corrado (Head of Unit, Legal Migration and Integration, DG HOME, European Commission);

Julia Mourão Permoser (University of Innsbruck).


Lukas Schmid (Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute).