MPC Workshop: Understanding Migration, Integration and Cultural Policy in Europe

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European cultural policy (article 151 of the Treaty of the European Union) addresses itself to the ‘flowering of the cultures of the Member States, while respecting their national and regional diversity and at the same time bringing the common cultural heritage to the fore’. This policy is ostensibly concerned with existing member states and their citizens. Is the cultural diversity of all member state citizens, including immigrants and their children, represented in the cultural policy of the European Union? How does the tension between integration and cultural diversity play out in different programs, events, and forms of representation? Drawing on the work presented at this workshop and on other studies, the discussion at this workshop seeks to contribute to the development of a framework for the formulation of an appropriate cultural policy for European member states that is sensitive to the cultural and linguistic diversity of its peoples.

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Date and Location

Monday 10 December 2012 09:45 – 16:30 at the European University Institute, Sala del Capitolo – Florence (Italy).


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This event is co-funded by the EU