MPC Lunchtime Seminar – Quotas and hotspots: a brave new CEAS or more of the same?

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Speaker: Francesco Maiani (University of Lausanne and Visiting Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute)


Two of the most recent developments in the construction of the CEAS are the introduction of the ‘hotspot’ concept and the adoption of relocation measures for the benefit of ‘frontline’ States. Both measures have been presented as significant expressions of solidarity and as important contributions towards solving the migration crisis currently faced by the EU – so much so that the Commission has proposed transforming them from temporary into permanent measures. In examining their solidarity-enhancing and problem-solving potential and effects, I intend to critically assess the extent to which they can be said to innovate on the structural principles on which the CEAS is built.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Future seminar dates: 18 February, 10 March, 21 April, 19 May, 2 June