Seminar – The Theory of Change and Response : A New Agenda for Research on Population and Development in Africa, by Professor Yves Charbit, 19 December 2018, EUI, Florence

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In this seminar hosted by the Migration Policy Centre, Professor Yves Charbit (University Paris Descartes) presents an updated version of the Theory of Change and Response, which was first put forward by Kingsley Davis in a brief paper published in 1963 and focused on industrialized countries.

The interdisciplinary methodology proposed allows in-depth analyses of behaviours on the individual and community levels in poverty stricken contexts, addressing issues such as reproductive health, education, child labour, land shortage and migration strategies. It also addresses the interactions of individual actors, families, and communities with a major actor, the State, and thus helps understanding problems related to the implementation of population policies.

The seminar draws from a paper co-authored with Véronique Petit published in 2011 in Population and Development Review (Toward a Comprehensive Demography: Rethinking the Research Agenda on Change and Response) and from a recently published book edited by Véronique Petit, Population Studies and Development from Theory to Fieldwork (Springer 2017).

Time : 11 :00 – 12 :30
Place : Seminar Room, Villa Malafrasca, European University Institute

Biography of Professor Yves Charbit (add link to attached pdf)