The Swinging of the Pendulum? Centre-Right Parties in a Post-Migration Crisis Europe

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from: 09:00
to: 18:00

This workshop will explore how the European centre-right is handling immigration in the wake of the migration crisis: are we witnessing a radicalisation of claims, and a shift from more ‘moderate’, mainstream positions to more radical, ‘hardline’ positions on immigration? Papers presented in this workshop will analyse recent positional shifts on, and reconfigurations related to, immigration of the centre-right in Europe. Contributions will explore the assumption that the crisis has pulled the centre-right irrevocably towards a more restrictive position. The focus on immigration serves as a magnifying glass, for wider trends related to the challenges of liberal democracy, and the reaction of a key political actor to the inherent dilemma between democratic accountability and the protection of liberal rights. The workshop focuses on centre-right parties of countries in which immigration has been highly tangible in numbers and in political debate (Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom and Hungary), and also provides a broader (contextual) debate on political conflicts and the impact of the migration crisis across Europe.

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