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temporary protection directive

M.I.Ciğer presented her research at the Hearing ‘The implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive in the EU’

Meltem İneli Ciğer has presented ‘The implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive in the EU’ research in association with the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality on the 7th of November, 2022. The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Read More …

public attitudes to immigration

Check out a new working paper about the public attitudes toward immigration

Introduction Immigration is among voters’ top concerns when asked about the main challenges for their country or other political entities such as the European Union (e.g. Commission, 2019a,b). Public attitudes toward immigration are becoming art of a new political cleavage Read More …

temporary protection directive ukraine

Activation of the Temporary Protection Directive in 2022: Ukraine Invasion

Introduction The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February 2022 and led to large-scale displaced persons. To protect Ukraine people fleeing the invasion, the Council unanimously adopted the Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/382 of 4 March 2022  giving those fleeing war in Read More …

right wing victory italy elections

Article in Washington Post with contribution from our professor Andrew Geddes on Italian elections and it’s affect to the migration in Italy

For years, Giorgia Meloni has railed against migration policies of Italy, calling them overly lenient and saying they risk turning the country into the “refugee camp of Europe.” Now that she is presumed next prime minister of Italy, migration is Read More …


A new blog post talks about a ‘tone-checking’ as a way to reduce the systemic Islamophobia in media

The contrast in attitudes toward refugees from Ukraine in 2022 compared to those from Syria in 2015 is stark and notable. While a range of factors shape this difference, the media’s portrayal of Muslims and Islam undoubtedly plays a role. Scholars Read More …


Watch the video of our roundtable on migration and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

A roundtable discussion on trends, EU solidarity, actors and challenges regarding Ukrainian migration. Panelists on this roundtable will share critical perspectives on the impact of the war in Ukraine on migration in Europe. This roundtable is part of MPC Annual Read More …


New article analyses why do individuals vary in their desire to emigrate and why are some willing to emigrate irregularly

Why do individuals vary in their desire to emigrate? Why are some willing to emigrate irregularly? This article tests four theoretical approaches—socio-demographics; economic and political context; access to migrant networks; and psychological factors— across the Middle East and North Africa Read More …


A new interactive resource based on analysis of more than 520 articles on attitudes to migration

We present a series of visualizations of a dataset of articles about public opinion towards migration, which underlies the meta-analysis authored by Dražanová, Gonnot, Heidland & Krüger (2021).

protecting the rights for irregular migrants

Protecting the Rights of Irregular Migrants: Policy Dilemmas and Strategies

We present a video of a webinar that was a part of our Annual Conference and that focused on the question – how can irregular migrants have access to their fundamental rights. Irregular migrants experience a wide range of conditions Read More …