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economic growth emigration

The link between economic growth and emigration from developing countries : does migrants’ skill composition matter?

Employing various panel-data approaches, Mauro Lanati and Rainer Thiele investigate the relationship between income per capita and emigration to OECD countries separately for three different skill groups – low-skilled, medium-skilled and high-skilled emigrants. Read More …

political assimilation of immigrants

The Political Assimilation of Immigrants : Migrant-to-Native Differences in Western Europe

A new working paper documents the migrant-to-native gap in political preferences towards redistribution, restriction on gay rights, European integration, immigration policy, and political trust using repeated cross-sectional data from the European Social Survey. Read More …

migration england

New working paper analyses the effects of the migration wave on local level redistribution in England

The inflow of migrants can impact public spending through its effect on local preferences for redistribution and through changes in demand for local services brought about by migrants’ distinct characteristics. In this paper, we analyse the effects of the migration Read More …

social categorization of migrants

Watch the Video: Migrant Categorization and Labels

Watch the video of our previous webinar, where Rebecca Hamlin presented her new book ‘Crossing: How We Label and React to People on the Move’. Read More …

nationality as a basis for discrimination during pandemic

Lorenzo Piccoli talks about nationality as a basis for discrimination during pandemic

Most countries provide different degrees of access to social rights based on the nationality and immigration status of the recipient. In times of emergency, faced with the need to ensure public safety and constrained by resource scarcity, do governments use Read More …

social conflict immigration

Concerns About Social Conflict Might Explain Immigration Preferences – Here’s Why

Migration is likely to remain one of the world’s most important political challenges throughout the twenty-first century. Simultaneously, public attitudes to immigration increasingly constitute a, if not the, major parameter for policy makers when attempting to react to these challenges and Read More …


The fragility of EU border and migration politics

In mid-November, with thousands of migrants effectively trapped in miserable, inhumane and even life-threatening conditions at the Belarusian–Polish border, Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas labelled Belarussian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko the “head of a state smuggling ring“, and Chancellor Angela Merkel Read More …

impact of covid-19 on refugees and migrants

Watch the Video: The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Refugees and Migrants

Eva Spiritus-Beerden, Lorenzo Piccoli, Eugenio Cusumano analyses the psychosocial impact of Covid-19 on refugees and migrants, uneven access to public protection during the pandemic, the securitization of migration to europe.
Read More …

south american migration leiza brumat

Unpacking the unintended consequences of European migration governance: the case of South American migration policy liberalisation

Research on the external dimension of EU migration governance has focused on the EU’s interests, preferences, and policy efficiency and coherence. Little attention has been paid to the myriad ways both partner and third countries react to the union’s external Read More …