Anton Ahlén

Short-Term Visitor
Anton Ahlén is a PhD candidate at the Department of Government at Uppsala University (Sweden). His research focuses on comparative migration policy, specifically related to immigrant admission and integration. In his PhD project he investigates the cross-country development in family immigration policy, with the overarching aim to advance the analytical tools to explore the scope and orientation of policy changes and to investigate the determinants and outcomes of policy variations.
In a recent article (co-authored with Frida Boräng), he analyses the spread and implications of civic integration policies in European states (Immigration Control in Disguise? Civic Integration Policies and Immigrant Admission, 2018)
Anton is affiliated with the research programme Mistra Geopolitics and has also been involved in the research projects REMINDER and MiTSoPro.
Anton holds a BSc in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg and a MSc in Political Science from Stockholm University. He has previously worked at the Swedish Migration Studies Delegation (Delmi), a committee formed by the Swedish Government to provide research results in the field of migration as a basis for future migration policy decisions and to contribute to the public debate on migration.