Caitlin Procter

Part-time Professor
Caitlin Procter is a part-time Professor at the Migration Policy Centre. Her research focus is on youth who engage in irregular migration in contexts of protracted conflict and displacement in the Middle East. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in occupied Palestine, as well as in Lebanon and Jordan. Caitlin also teaches qualitative research methods and ethics in the Department of Political and Social Sceinces at EUI, as well as running workshops on ethnography and fieldwork in practice.
Caitlin’s first book, on the politics of mobility among Palestinian refugee youth in East Jerusalem is currently under review, and she is finalising a second manuscript on coerced migration in Gaza. Her work has been published in Public Anthropologist, and she has authored multiple book chapters.
Caitlin earned her PhD (DPhil) in International Development at the University of Oxford in 2019 and was a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the EUI from 2019-2020. She has held Visiting Fellowships at Harvard University and the University of Birzeit in occupied Palestine. Caitlin has previously taught at the Universities of Oxford, LSE and SOAS. She is also the co-founder of The New Ethnographer, a research project designed to improve ethnographic research training.
Committed to strengthening links between academia and the humanitarian sector, Caitlin works extensively as a consultant and advisor to UNRWA, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies and to European diplomatic missions and the EU Representative Office in Jerusalem. Her research on Gaza has also received media attention, including reports on Al-Jazeera, MSNBC, RFI, NPR and NOS.
Office hours by appointment, Tuesdays 2-4pm

Book Manuscripts

Procter, C. Claiming the State: Everyday politics in East Jerusalem. Currently under review.

Procter, C. Mobility Under Siege: The Politics of Youth Migration in the Gaza Strip. Currently under review.

Procter, C. and Spector, B. (eds.) The New Ethnographer: challenges in contemporary fieldwork. Currently under review.


Procter, C. 2021. ‘Co-ordinated mobility: disrupting narratives of convergence in the irregular migration of youth from the Gaza Strip. Public Anthropologist 3:1 (93-110).

Articles under review

Procter, C. ‘The politics of pragmatism: Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem and Israeli citizenship applications’.

Procter, C. ‘Coerced migration: mobility under siege in the Gaza Strip’.

Procter, C. ‘Experiments in social de-development: everyday exclusion in East Jerusalem’

Achilli, L., Procter, C. and Al-Rozzi, M. et al. ‘COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip: Community perspectives on the pandemic under blockade’

Book chapters

Procter, C. ‘In search of protection: Irregular mobility among Palestinian youth in Gaza’. In Achilli, L(ed) Global Human Smuggling: Creativity, Control and Complexity in Unauthorized Mobility, John Hopkins University Press, 2020. 

Procter, C. ‘”In Gaza there is no tomorrow”: youth participation in Gaza’s Great March of Return”. In Bocco, R. and Said, I. De-colonising the Question of Palestine, IHEID Geneva, 2020.

Research and Policy Reports

Hart, J., Procter, C., Al-Rozzi, M et al. ‘COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip : Community Perspectives on the Pandemic’. 2021/ London: ELRHA.

Al-Rozzi, M., Procter, C. and Torsein, C. ‘Detention of children engaged in armed struggle in East Jerusalem: safeguarding child rights’. 2020. East Jerusalem: UNICEF.

Procter, C. ‘Improving living conditions in the Palestinian gatherings in Lebanon: towards more comprehensive and sustainable solutions. 2020. Beirut: The Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies and UNDP.

Abdulkhaliq, N., Bitar, K. and Procter, C. ‘Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon: Protection and Livelihoods’. 2020. Amman: UNRWA.

Procter, C. and Liew, Z. ‘Child focused recovery from armed conflict: towards a new approach’. London: Save the Children UK.

Procter, C. and Butti, E. 2018. ‘Engaging hard-to-reach adolescents in qualitative research’. UNICEF Innocenti Office of Research. Research Methods Series. 2018. New York: UNICEF.

Hanley, T., Procter, C. and Ogwang, K. 2018. ‘Sexual and Gender Based Violence in protracted displacement: prevention and response among Syrian refugees in Lebanon’. Geneva: UNHCR.

Garlick, M., Guild, E., Procter, C. and Salmons, M. 2015. ‘Building on a foundation: Refugee Status Determination Transition Processes in Kenya’. Geneva: UNHCR.

Blog posts and online articles

‘Coerced innovation: Gaza makes its own tools to fight against COVID-19’. Open Democracy. 16.04.2020

‘When Palestinians tell you Israeli Apartheid is real, listen: Palestinian responses to Peace to Prosperity’. Middle East Directions, EUI. 15.02.2020

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