Cansu Civilek

Visiting Fellow
Cansu Civelek graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. She obtained her master’s degree at the Social and Cultural Anthropology Department at the University of Vienna with a thesis titled 'Regeneration on Site' or Rent-Driven Urban Renewal? An Ethnographic Inquiry into the Karapınar Valley Urban Regeneration Project in Eskisehir, Turkey”. In 2015, she completed her first self-funded documentary movie called 'Warning Karapınar! Voices from an Urban Regeneration' developed from her master’s thesis.

In 2020, she received her doctoral degree from the Social and Cultural Anthropology Department in Vienna with a dissertation titled 'Non-spectacular policy-making: Urban governance, silence, and dissent in an abortive renewal project in Eskişehir, Turkey'. Currently she is a post-doctoral fellow at the Democracy Institute of the Central European University. She works on her book project that inquires urban policy-making and urban governance practices of Eskişehir’s municipal government while tackling the questions of collective silence and (de)politicization. At the EUI’s MPC, she will work on current post-doctoral research project on Afghan refugees emplacement process at the Karapınar neighborhood of Eskişehir wherein she completed her MA project and documentary movie.

Core disciplines: anthropology, urban studies, politics.