Covid-19 and Systemic Resilience: What role for migrant workers?

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This online conference marks the launch of the “Migrants and Systemic Resilience Hub” (MigResHub), a joint initiative of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and Migration Mobilities Bristol at the University of Bristol.

The primary aim of MigResHub is to facilitate research and policy debates on how migrant labour shapes the resilience of essential goods and services to the current Covid-19 pandemic and to similar shocks in the future. MigResHub aims to engage researchers and policy experts from different regions of the world, bringing together theories and insights from various academic disciplines, research literatures, and policy debates.

The online conference provides an opportunity for a first discussion of key themes and priorities for a new research and policy agenda on migrants and systemic resilience, with a focus on food production, health services, and social care. It will discuss the implications of a concern with systemic resilience for how we assess the effects of labour migration and how we design migration policies and related public policies. The conference is open to all but registration is required.

Preliminary programme (All times refer to Central European Time)


Welcome and overview of MigResHub
Martin Ruhs (MPC/EUI) and Bridget Anderson (MMB, University of Bristol)


Linking ‘systemic resilience’ to migration research and policies
Chair: Andrew Geddes (MPC, EUI)

“Migrants and systemic resilience: A new research agenda”
Bridget Anderson (MMB, University of Bristol), Friedrich Poeschel (MPC/EUI), and Martin Ruhs (MPC/EUI),

“Systemic resilience as a response to Covid19”
William Hynes (OECD)

Respondents: Laura Corrado (European Commission) and Christiane Kuptsch (International Labour Organization, ILO)


MigResHub contributions relevant for this session:

  COVID-19 and systemic resilience : rethinking the impacts of migrant workers and labour migration policies,
Martin Ruhs, MPC/EUI, Friedrich Poeschel, MPC/EUI, Bridget Anderson, MMB, University of Bristol

  The Role of a Quality Mobility Industry in Building Systemic Resilience,
Rebekah Smith and Zuzana Cepla, Labor Mobility Partnerships

  Public attitudes to migrant workers: a (lasting) impact of Covid-19?,
Lenka Dražanová, Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI

  Precarious Systemic Resilience: Venezuelan Immigration and COVID-19 in the Andean region,
Luisa Feline Feier and Marta Luzes, Universidad del Pacífico

  A ‘better work’ strategy is necessary for resilient societies and economies,
Monique Kremer, University of Amsterdam

  ‘Systemic resilience and migrant workers’,
Podcast with Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge

  ‘Systemic Resilience as a Response to Covid-19’,
William Hynes, OECD


Migrants, cross-country supply chains, and systemic resilience
Chair: Friedrich Poeschel (MPC, EUI)

“Cross-country supply chains and systemic resilience: The case of medical gloves production in Malaysia”
Upasana Khadka (Columnist for Nepali Times and Consultant to the World Bank)

“Cross-border traders and systemic resilience in Africa”
Mehari Taddele Maru (MPC, EUI)

“Challenges for a coherent approach to food system resilience within the EU”
Bettina Rudloff (SWP, German Institute for International and Security Affairs)


MigResHub contributions relevant for this session:

  Disposable Medical Gloves, Indispensable Migrant Workers,
Upasana Khadka, consultant to the World Bank and columnist at the Nepali Times


Migrants and systemic resilience in health services
Chair: Friedrich Poeschel (MPC/EUI)

“Strengthening health systems resilience: What role for migrants and migration polices?”
Steve Thomas (Trinity College Dublin)

Respondents: Jim Campbell (WHO) and Isabella Aboderin (University of Bristol)


Migrants and systemic resilience in social care
Chair: Bridget Anderson (MMB, University of Bristol)

“Migrant workers and resilience in social care”
Franca van Hooren (University of Amsterdam)

“Migrant workers and the resilience of the long-term care sector in England”
Shereen Hussein (University of Kent)

Respondent: Marie McAuliffe (IOM)


MigResHub contributions relevant for this session:

  Migrant workers and resilience of social care,
Franca van Hooren, University of Amsterdam


Migrants and systemic resilience in food and agriculture
Chair: Martin Ruhs (MPC, EUI)

“Food supply resilience and migrant workers”
Philip Martin (University of California, Davis)

Respondents: Cristina Rapone (FAO) and Letizia Palumbo (MPC, EUI)


MigResHub contributions relevant for this session:

  Food Supply Resilience and Migrant Workers,
Philip Martin , University of California, Davis

  Are Agri-Food Workers Only Exploited in Southern Europe? Letizia Palumbo (MPC) and Alessandra Corrado

  Challenges for a Coherent Approach to Food System Resilience within the EU,
Bettina Rudloff, German Institute for International and Security Affairs


Closing remarks and next steps for MigResHub