Call for papers: MPC – GLOBALCIT Conference ‘An interconnected world? Rethinking citizenship and migration’

Thursday, 9 May – Friday 10 May 2024, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Conference Scope 

We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines to participate in the conference An Interconnected World? Rethinking Citizenship and Migration. The conference is jointly convened by the EUI’s Migration Policy Centre (MPC) and Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT). The conference will bring insight from a variety of disciplinary, methodological and empirical perspectives to promote a synergetic reflection on key issues in the study of migration and citizenship, including the main intellectual,  analytical, and methodological challenges across the two interconnected fields of research.

The profusion of mobility patterns and citizenship regimes takes place within an intensified discourse about global crises, systemic fractures, and inequalities that have even led to fear of the complete breakdown of natural and social systems. Migration and citizenship are represented as simultaneously both a symptom of and as a potential remedy to these looming crises. These representations  necessarily affect the ways in which we conceptualise the limits, possibilities, boundaries, inclusions and exclusions that are associated with interconnectedness. Interconnectedness is thus a lens that can promote reflection on the design, practice and effects of citizenship and migration regimes, but also the underlying pathologies and dysfunctions of the governance systems that produce and sustain these regimes, and that necessarily delineate those people that are included and excluded.  Questions that are raised include the ways in which various kinds of linkage between individuals and states are governed across time and space and the outcomes of different modalities of governance, including the assessment of  impacts on individuals and on groups. We encourage contributions that bridge the gap between theory, methods, and data analysis, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and fresh perspectives in the fields of migration and citizenship.


Conceived as a forum for re-thinking the different linkages across two interdisciplinary fields of study, the conference does not embrace a single theme. Rather, it offers the possibility for proposing paper across different thematic areas, including, but not limited to:

  • The causes and effects of public attitudes and preferences towards migration, migration policies and citizenship policies;
  • Measuring the rights of migrants and citizens and developing indicators;
  • The causes and effects of the externalisation of of citizenship, migration and mobility regimes;
  • Implications for ideas and practices of protection in the context of large-scale displacement and governance responses at various levels form the local to the international;
  • EU migration governance including policy elites’ understanding  of migration processes and dynamics within the EU linking states to the EU’s institutions and processes and also analyses that locate EU migration governance in comparative perspective.


Deadline for paper proposals: 30 November 2023.

Communication of accepted papers:  11 December 2023

Deadline for submission of papers: 30 April 2023 

Fees and funding

There is no conference registration fee. Participants will be expected to fund their own travel and stay in Florence. A small number of bursaries are available to support attendance for early career scholars from low-income countries. Please indicate in your registration form if you would require support to attend the conference and provide a short justification.

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