New Cooperation Agreement signed with the ICMPD.

The President of the European University Institute, Professor Renaud Dehousse, and the Director General of ICMPD, Mr. Michael Spindelegger, signed a Cooperation Agreement in December 2020. With this step, they reiterated their commitment to the close cooperation that has been built between both institutions since 2010.

The document establishes a general framework of collaboration between the EUI and its Migration Policy Centre and ICMPD, aimed at strengthening relations, promoting strategic partnership and enhancing the effective cooperation on the policy and operational levels in the fields of their respective mandates.

The partners also expressed their commitment to work on analysing existing and emerging migration trends, ensuring that policies and response programmes are effective, sustainable and in line with migrants’ needs and international obligations. The Parties have agreed to advance their cooperation in the areas of: research and policy, capacity-building and migration dialogues.

The cooperation between ICMPD and the EUI has progressively developed since 2010, represented by the successful collaboration in research projects, academic networks, as well as migration dialogues and regional projects addressing migration and border management. The Cooperation Agreement will further strengthen this ongoing partnership.